Diversity and Inclusion

At Advantage ACO, we are committed to building and maintaining a culture rooted in diversity and inclusivity. Diversity and inclusivity are more than just words to us – they are our foundation, part of our DNA, and they inform and strengthen everything that we do. Our work can only be done by bringing together a diverse and varied set of ideas, backgrounds, and experiences.

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As a Healthcare Company We Believe in the Following Core Values:

Make Others Great Icon

Make Others Great

In teamwork, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise that each employee possesses.

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Results Matter

Everyone deserves access to healthcare, and our unique backgrounds give us the compassion to deliver the human aspect of medicine with excellence.

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It's All About The Customer

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are key when helping our customers be successful.

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Let's Talk

A workplace environment should be a place where employees are encouraged to share their perspectives and experiences.

Take Risks Icon

Take Risks

Diversity drives innovation – so we encourage employees to take risks and try new ways of doing things.

Assume Positive Intent Icon

Assume Positive Intent

We assume the best in others, setting aside our own bias, judgments, and preconceived notions when making decisions.

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Extreme Ownership

We are all responsible for fostering and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion.

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Act Now

The steps we take today to address inequalities and bias in the workplace will impact the way healthcare is delivered in our communities tomorrow.

These Values Will Be Realized By

Ensuring our hiring process is equitable as we seek qualified individuals who align with our core values.
Providing equal opportunity for advancement, development, learning, and education.
Creating opportunities for education and discourse about the cultural differences we encounter.
Building cultural competence by encouraging employees to share their heritage and experiences with others.
Evaluating cultural differences and how those differences impact our employees and our clients.
Providing the freedom for our employees to observe cultural holidays and cultural dates.
Maintaining a committee focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives, tasked with exploring the ways these impact our company, our clients, and their patients.
Providing ongoing education on discrimination, harassment, and bias in the workplace.

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