How Can Advantage ACO Meet Your Practice’s Unique Needs?

The Advantage ACO was established to support independent providers, group practices, and FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) in increasing compensation from care delivered to their Medicare patients. Our unique, hands-on approach to making healthcare more effective includes proactive planning and healthcare data analytics to identify opportunities, plus, we bring to the table more than 25 years of value-based care experience.

Approaching practices with a partnership mindset, meeting them where they are, with support for their medical autonomy brings about exceptional patient outcomes and increased practice revenue. 

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ACO Planning

We partner with independent physicians, group practices, and FQHCs to develop and maintain a plan for the year that prioritizes practice transformations to improve quality performance and minimize costs. Alignment on key initiatives and best practices throughout the accountable care organization drive forward practice performance, patient outcomes, and shared savings. Monthly check-ins are instrumental in helping maintain momentum as we make the most of participation in value-based care arrangements.  

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Practice Analytics and Reporting

Advantage ACO leverages the power of data to give members the best chance at success. Measuring key data about your practice and patients against national benchmarks is instrumental in gauging performance and identifying areas of improvement. Benchmarking within the ACO allows for the discovery of best practices and promotes collaboration among member physicians. We also provide referral recommendations for the highest quality and most cost-effective specialists in your area so you can trust your patients are getting the care they need for the best outcomes 

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Hands-On Support

Our individualized hands-on support has proven to be our greatest driver of practice success in value-based care. Our consultants have an unmatched depth and breadth of knowledge that helps to propel your practice’s performance in the Medicare Shared Savings Programs, and we bring this to each practice we help. Proactive initiatives like annual wellness visits and advance care planning help maintain patient care and promote best outcomes, while risk adjustment and accurate coding enhance earning potential. Our experienced coaches serve as your guide as we navigate together all that value-based care has to offer 

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