ACO for Private Practice 

Helping Independent Physicians Achieve Profitability in an Increasingly Competitive Market 

Meeting multiple performance targets in coordinated, value-based primary care can become so cumbersome that the time taken away from patients seems to defeat the purpose. Our Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO for independent physicians is designed to support your autonomy while helping you achieve your performance goals.  

Through activities like identifying opportunities for lowering costs, streamlining workflows, improving use of technology, and providing customized training, our independent physicians ACO helps private practices perform their best.

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Increasing Shared Savings for Independent Physicians 

Robust Analytics and Reporting to Drive Value-Based Care Performance

Digital health analytics are key to improving practice performance insights, for care quality, revenue, and population health. With years of experience building and supporting healthcare analytics and reporting solutions for ACOs, we create streamlined, custom reports that will reduce manual data entry, increase efficiency in your independent practice, and empower data-driven decision making.  

Secure Continuity of Patient Care With Trusted Specialty Providers

One of the keys to providing efficient, high-quality care for primary care physicians is the coordination of care. Our experienced team of EHR experts will ensure that your EHR is optimized for collaboration with other providers to promote continuity of care. Additionally, we provide specialists recommendations to ensure patients are receiving high-quality, cost-effective specialty care. 

Increase ROI and Reinvest in Your Practice, Staff, and Patients

Coordinating quality healthcare to lower costs for patients can boost practice revenue through shared savings and other VBC incentives. Our MSSP ACO for private practices consultants have a deep understanding of different payment models and will identify care, coding, and billing opportunities aimed at increasing revenue and boosting shared savings, which can be invested into your practice.

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Boost Quality and Reduce Cost of Care for Independent Practice Providers

Independent providers share a common goal of delivering the best care possible to their patients. By coming together in an ACO for independent physicians, providers can not only improve quality of care, but also lower costs for patients – all while maintaining their autonomy. At Advantage ACO, we firmly agree with these goals and are committed to helping practices ensure that they receive the compensation for quality and performance that they deserve.   

Services for Independent Physician Practices

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Prioritize practice activity to maximize shared shavings opportunities.

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Analytics & Reporting

Driving practice performance and patient outcomes with the power of data.

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Hands-On Support

Engagements to maximize practice performance and patient outcomes.

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