Annual Planning to Drive Success 

Prioritize Practice Activity To Maximize Shared Shavings Opportunities

Every year, we work with independent providers, group practices, and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to develop an Annual Plan for our member practices in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Our planning process focuses on practice activities that improve care quality and minimize costs.  

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Why Should I Join An ACO That Prioritizes Planning?

By working with dedicated practice coaches to develop and maintain an Annual Plan, practices not only perform better themselves, but the ACO’s performance is enhanced as well. By aligning on initiatives, sharing strategies, and working across state lines and specialties, we propel forward practice performance and patient care.  

Annual Planning

Leveraging practice performance, ACO history, and national benchmarking, we develop annual plans to guide initiatives that enhance Shared Savings opportunities.

Monthly Alignment

Our coaches check-in monthly, leveraging 25+ years of experience to help your practice improve operations, minimize costs, and maximize VBC performance.

Shared Strategy

By coordinating efforts across our member practices, we are able to elevate the ACO’s performance, which results in improved payouts for member practices.

Medicare Shared Savings Program Planning

Quality and costs are the key measures Medicare evaluates to determine performance in their MSSP program. With a proactive planning approach and ongoing support, improvement of these measures is possible – and profitable.

Planning - Proactive Planning

Proactive Planning

Proactivity in healthcare is critical to delivering high-quality patient care. Medicare recognizes and rewards proactive practices.

Planning - Data-Driven

Data-Driven Decision Making

Value-based care performance is determined using immense amounts of data. We create intuitive reports to drive positive change.

Planning - Regular benchmarking

Regular Benchmarking

Compare your practice’s performance with other member practices to identify areas of improvement and areas in which you excel.

Planning - Goal Setting

Productive Goal Setting

Even the most successful practices identify areas of improvement. We help set realistic goals that drive cost and quality metrics.

Support - Advance Care Planning

Multi-Payer Planning

Our planning and support are designed to boost performance across all payers arrangements, not just with Medicare.

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1:1 Support

Our expert consultants are here to support your practice achieve its value-based care reimbursement goals. 

Benefits of Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organization consulting supports your practice in the management and coordination of care, which in turn, drives forth improved patient outcomes and revenue opportunities through Medicare Shared Savings. Achieving population health in accountable care organizations is doable through proactive planning. 


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