Serving Our Nation’s Leading Primary Care Providers

Primary care providers are the backbone of the healthcare system, providing critical care to patients in need, especially those covered by Medicare. In an increasingly competitive market, primary care providers find themselves struggling to stay competitive and maintain financial strength.

We partner with physician practices, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and group practices to provide and document exceptional patient care, increasing opportunities for reimbursement.   

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Physician Practices

Solo practitioners and small group practices often benefit from the autonomy that comes with independence. However, this autonomy can come at a cost as small physician practices often lack the resources and financial backing that larger systems provide. With Advantage ACO, having the support you need to drive reimbursement and address cost centers allows you to pay more attention to patient care. 

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Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) provide much needed care to underserved populations. As non-profits, FQHCs and CHCs often rely on grants and donations to fund their efforts. While FQHCs are reimbursed by CMS, there is often more that can be done to maximize these reimbursements. Through participation in the Advantage ACO, these health centers can increase funding they could not otherwise, relieving some of the financial burden and enabling them to continue caring for this patient population.  

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Physician Groups

Physician groups or multi-specialty group practices often serve a large patient panel, including Medicare patients.  With that large number of patients comes a large volume of data and a need to improve efficiencies to ensure patients receive attentive, high-quality care. Advantage ACOs analytics capabilities, workflow improvement recommendations, and care coordination strategies help physician groups unlock additional revenue for the exceptional care they are already providing. 

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Joining an ACO That Values Your Hard Work

If your provider team would benefit from spending more time on patient quality and less time on CMS incentives, our MSSP ACO can help you identify opportunities to drive revenue and boost shared savings. Our individualized training and support for best practices in value-based care ensures your team is unified toward achieving your CMS performance goals. Through shared prioritization and goal alignment, primary care group practices and multi-specialty practices are better equipped to reap the rewards of ACO participation.  

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