Advantage ACO: Alabama

Improving Primary Care with a High-Performing Accountable Care Organization 

We are excited to announce the launch of our Accountable Care Organization in Alabama, Advantage ACO, which will bring cost–effective, high-quality, care and population health management to Alabama. This physician-led ACO is supported by the team at Medical Advantage, who have 25+ years of experience in supporting primary care physicians’ value-based care efforts. The entry of Advantage ACO in Georgia will bring practice improvement consulting in areas including technology optimization, cost and utilization, and Medicare best-practices to the state.  

“I first moved to the state so that I could attend University of Alabama at Birmingham and quickly realized this was the place I wanted to call home; now, I leverage my experience and educational foundation to support practices in the utilization of technology to collect and report on patient, practice, and payer data, “shared IT Business Consultant Divya Kondepudi. 

Divya added, “Pairing the team’s robust data analytics capabilities with our wide range of practice optimization and value-based care consulting has proven to result in greater reimbursement from Medicare and commercial payers.” 

Our participating independent providers, group practices, and FQHCs will receive hands-on support designed to improve performance in the Medicare Shared Saving Program. Our experienced Alabama ACO consultants will bring their knowledge of cost management and quality metrics to provide recommendations that boost performance in quality programs.  

Why Advantage ACO Alabama? 

The healthcare landscape is growing increasingly complex, especially with new competitors entering the market and rising clinician burnout rates. Our Alabama ACO offers practitioners the resources and support that is typically limited to members of large health systems.  

By working with Advantage ACO, Alabama physicians can see greater success in a variety of value-based care programs, including MIPS. This increased earning potential helps our member practices thrive as they reinvest these earnings into staff, practice technology, and marketing to attract new patients.  

ACO Alabama Practice Services 

  • Planning for Quality: Our consultants for participants in Advantage ACO in Alabama work to develop an annual plan that prioritizes practice activity to drive shared savings opportunities. 
  • Healthcare Analytics and Reporting: Data analytics inform our ACO consultants as they work with you to identify gaps in care. Quality reporting consulting ensures that care is documented properly and reported to CMS to maximize reimbursement.  
  • Ongoing Support: Practice performance relies on personalized consulting that supports physician autonomy and boosts earnings opportunities through VBC. 

The Advantage ACO Difference 

Our team has decades of healthcare performance, analytics expertise, and innovative technology experience, offering practices opportunities to increase cost and utilization performance with data-driven recommendations. Learn more about how the Advantage ACO can ensure your physicians succeed and thrive as the industry shifts to value-based care.  

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