Advantage ACO in Florida

Florida Accountable Care Organization Strives to Improve Primary Care 

Advantage ACO aims to bring cost-effective, high-quality, coordinated care to Florida. Our ACO consultants have long-served physicians, helping them achieve greater patient outcomes and improved value-based care (VBC) performance.  Now, Advantage ACO in Florida will bring process improvement, technology enhancements, and value-based care expertise to the dedicated providers who serve Florida’s Medicare patients.  

“Florida is well known for its large concentration of Medicare patients, cared for by some of the nation’s leading providers,” shared Director of ACO Growth James Worsham.  

He added, “Lifelong residents, retirees, and snowbirds alike rely on The Sunshine State’s dedicated physicians to provide coordinated, high-quality care. I’m honored to have the opportunity to enhance patient outcomes, while increasing physician compensation, in my community and across the state through support provided by Medical Advantage ACO.” 

Primary care physician members take advantage of increased practice revenue through value-based care reimbursements with the Medicare Shared Savings Program. With a wealth of experience in quality and cost performance metrics and best practices for program participation, our ACO consultants are equipped to increase revenue opportunities for your practice.  

Why Advantage ACO in Florida? 

Navigating the healthcare industry can be challenging, especially with new competitors emerging and increasing rates of clinician burnout. Advantage ACO can help alleviate these stressors by offering reimbursements from coordinated, high-quality, value-based care, which provides crucial revenue for practices in a highly competitive market. 

Advantage ACO’s expert consultants offer valuable guidance that enhances performance with the Medicare Shared Savings Program and all other value-based contracts. This improved performance leads to increased revenue that practices can reinvest in various ways to drive success. Many organizations choose to invest their additional revenue in innovative technology, staff incentives, or practice marketing to position their practices for long-term prosperity. 

ACO Florida Practice Service Offerings 

  • Analytics and Reporting: Our practice coaches and ACO leadership utilize analytics and reporting to evaluate practice and ACO performance, using high-performing practices as benchmarks to facilitate the exchange of best practices. 
  • ACO Planning: Every year, practice coaches work with participants in our Advantage ACO in Florida to develop an annual plan that prioritizes practice activity to drive shared savings opportunities. 
  • Ongoing Support: We take an individualized approach to practice performance, offering personalized consulting that supports practice autonomy and boosts value-based care earnings opportunities. 

Advantage ACO Can Help  

With decades of healthcare performance, technology, and analytics expertise, Advantages ACO’s consultants help participating practices to enhance cost and utilization performance with data-driven recommendations. See how the Advantage ACO can help your healthcare group succeed and thrive amid the shift to value-based care. For more information, click here

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