Advantage ACO: Indiana

New Accountable Care Organization Aims to Improve Primary Care 

The newly launched Advantage ACO in Indiana aims to enhance primary care and provide high-quality, cost-effective care management to Medicare patients. The ACO is a collaboration of independent providers, group practices, and FQHCs in Indiana who are dedicated to improving patient outcomes and value-based care performance through process improvement, technology optimization, and value-based care expertise. 

“I grew up in Fort Wayne and have been seeing the same primary care provider all my life. My doctor has always treated me, my wife, and my kids like family,” shared Taylon Wait, sales consultant with Medical Advantage ACO.  

He added, “I’m happy to bring the opportunity to join our Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO to independent providers, group practices, and FQHCs in Indiana.  Only through collaboration can we elevate the care patients receive and enhance Medicare reimbursement for physicians.” 

Advantage ACO provides expert consulting to improve performance, increase revenue, and support practices in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The ACO offers analytics and reporting, ACO planning, and ongoing personalized support to facilitate the exchange of best practices and drive shared savings opportunities. 

Benefits of Advantage ACO Indiana 

Advantage ACO aims to alleviate the challenges of navigating the healthcare landscape, including clinician burnout rates and new competitors entering the market. The ACO provides reimbursements from coordinated, high-quality, value-based care that provide essential revenue for practices, which can be reinvested to propel their success. 

With decades of healthcare performance, technology, and analytics expertise, Advantage ACO’s consultants can optimize cost and utilization performance with data-driven interventions and recommendations. Our team is dedicated to helping your healthcare group thrive amid the shift to value-based care. 

Indiana ACO Practice Services 

  • Analytics and Reporting: Our practice coaches and ACO leadership utilize analytics and reporting to evaluate practice and ACO performance, using high-performing practices as benchmarks to facilitate the exchange of best practices. 
  • ACO Planning: Every year, practice coaches work with participants in our Advantage ACO in Indiana to develop an annual plan that prioritizes practice activity to drive shared savings opportunities. 
  • Hands-On Support: Our personalized approach to performance improvements applies individualized consulting that supports practice autonomy and enhances revenue opportunities. 

Advantage ACO Can Help  

Advantage ACO’s consultants possess extensive healthcare performance, technology, and analytics expertise. They help participating practices optimize cost and utilization performance by providing data-driven interventions and recommendations. If you want to know how Advantage ACO can help your healthcare group succeed and thrive during the shift to value-based care, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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